Custom Software Development

Invent, build, integrate, upgrade, and deploy your software solutions with Kirana Labs. We offer high-level software development solutions for your business and help you build your own teams.

Agile Software Teams And Methodologies

We provide expert software design and development services so you can create world-class products. Our software teams deliver the benefits of tech expertise, bilingual collaboration, time zone alignment, and competitive costs.

SCRUM Dedicated Teams

  • Build your dedicated software team with Kirana Labs including PMs, Software Engineers, QA, UX/UI, and other roles.
  • Fully bilingual talent ready to work on your project.
  • Personalized progress and task reporting for your project to keep track of the team’s utilization.

Staff Augmentation

  • Add extra talent for your team on an on-demand basis.
  • Complete development goals for every type of project with extra hands.
  • Work with new members as part of your team, attending your progress meetings and daily touchpoints.

Software Outsourcing

  • Work with Kirana Labs to outsource your project’s development and management.
  • Meet your software goals at any stage of the product’s lifecycle.
  • Develop high-quality software in a cost-efficient way.

End-To-End Software Development Services

Custom software development services that unleash the potential of businesses in every industry.

Web Applications

Get dynamic web-based applications that interact with users, connect to back-end databases, and enable new capabilities for the business.

E-commerce Solutions

Meet the needs of your customers with B2B portals and B2C websites that increase customers’ experiences and engagement as well as your sales.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Get well-organized and configurable software solutions that are hosted online and enable end-users to access from anywhere.

Mobile Applications

Take your digital solutions everywhere with mobile apps that connect users with brands and increase operational efficiency.

APIs Development

Get your software solutions to interact and exchange information with each other through communication protocols, permissions, and subroutines.

UX/UI Design

Encourage user loyalty and satisfaction with a great UX/UI design that turns software into great experiences.

Success Cases

Building future-proof businesses, creating innovative products, strengthening our clients workforce


As part of a quality control project for production lines in the automotive industry, Kirana Labs was hired to develop a user-focused solution according to the business requirements of a world-class manufacturer. Kirana Labs’ front-end and mobile development skills were key to ensuring great user experience and adoption in the client’s operation.


G2Xchange partnered with Kirana Labs to leverage their nearshoring services for a project involving the development of a Government Contracting (GovCon) systems that required specialized expertise in both new technologies and government contracting. G2Xchange improved its cost-effectiveness, access to talent, and collaboration capabilities while maintaining quality standards and meeting its software development needs.

Bendo is the first social-selling marketplace available in the Mexican market and one of Mexico’s top 100 startups according to Forbes. Kirana Labs worked with the company’s co-founders to successfully launch the Play Store and App Store mobile apps.

Imporey International

Kirana Labs built custom software to help a consumer product supplier manage inventories, track orders, monitor sales, and handle shipping and invoicing. They’ve connected the web app to the client’s ERP.

Cache Interiores

Kirana Labs led the development of a custom ERP system that replaced a legacy software active in a construction materials company for more than 20 years. Kirana Labs identified process improvement opportunities, defined a clear roadmap for the product, and led implementation efforts in the client’s operation.

Kirana Labs created an auto-parts marketplace available for the Mexican market. The company engaged with founders to lead web & mobile software development teams and SCRUM methodologies.