, a leading Mexican online platform for getaway destinations, partnered with Kirana Labs to enhance and expand their platform. The collaboration involved leveraging the expertise of the local software development team to transform the initial development into a feature-rich and technologically advanced marketplace


About is a dynamic and innovative Mexican online marketplace dedicated to providing individuals with the perfect escape from their daily routines. As a leading platform in the travel industry, specializes in connecting users with an extensive selection of getaway destinations throughout Mexico.

The platform serves as a bridge between adventurous travelers and property owners who offer unique accommodations and experiences across the country. Whether it’s a cozy cabin nestled in the mountains, a picturesque beachfront villa, or a charming hacienda in a vibrant city, strives to offer diverse and enchanting options that cater to various preferences and budgets.

As a passionate Mexican company, is dedicated to showcasing the beauty and diversity of Mexico’s extraordinary destinations while offering a seamless and personalized platform for travelers seeking unforgettable getaways. Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend escape, a family adventure, or a group retreat, is your trusted companion in discovering and booking the perfect retreat in Mexico.

Challenge, a prominent Mexican online marketplace for getaway destinations, faced the challenge of further developing and enhancing its platform after its initial development in India. The geographical distance and potential communication barriers posed complexity in collaborating effectively with developers on the other side of the world.

The Solution partnered with Kirana Labs to ensure a seamless and culturally aligned approach to platform development, addressing the specific needs and preferences of the Mexican market as well as the company’s vision.

Kirana Labs worked closely with to understand their vision and requirements. With their expertise in the local market, Kirana Labs brought deep insights into the travel industry and user expectations. They leveraged this knowledge to enhance the platform’s features, optimize the user interface, and improve its technological infrastructure. The user experience was prioritized, ensuring intuitive navigation, seamless booking processes, and direct communication options with property owners via WhatsApp, social media, and integrations with popular booking platforms like Airbnb and

By collaborating with Kirana Labs, the partnership resulted in a refined platform that catered to the specific needs of the Mexican market, delivering a seamless user experience and empowering property owners to maximize their revenue potential.


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