G2Xchange partnered with Kirana Labs to leverage their nearshoring services for a project involving the development of a Government Contracting (GovCon) systems that required specialized expertise in both new technologies and government contracting. G2Xchange improved its cost-effectiveness, access to talent, and collaboration capabilities while maintaining quality standards and meeting its software development needs.



G2Xchange offers a variety of online resources and tools, including a news portal and a database of government contracting opportunities, to help professionals stay informed and engaged in the industry. G2Xchange cuts through the clutter of Federal contracting and brings its customers the most valuable info on opportunities, awards, protests, and people–with plenty of time to spare.


In the continuous effort of improving the company’s products for a growing customer base, G2Xchange stakeholders wanted to explore nearshoring software development services to reduce development costs, address skills shortages, and improve scalability. The company also desired to mitigate time zone differences, language and cultural barriers, and other communication challenges that may arise when working with offshore development teams.

The Solution

G2Xchange decided to partner with Kirana Labs to augment its development capabilities. Kirana Labs provided a team of highly skilled developers, Project managers, and software support who worked closely with G2Xchange’s internal IT department to develop the new products.

The Kirana Labs team was able to provide specialized expertise in areas such as software engineering, which helped G2Xchange accelerate its product development timeline. The team also collaborated closely with G2Xchange’s internal IT department to ensure seamless integration of the new product with the company’s existing systems and infrastructure.

The nearshore arrangement allowed G2Xchange to access top-notch talent at a competitive price point, while also providing the benefits of close proximity and cultural affinity. Kirana Labs was able to work closely with G2Xchange’s internal IT department, leveraging their domain knowledge and expertise to ensure successful product iterations.

Overall, the partnership was a success, resulting in a long-term relationship between G2Xchange and Kirana Labs. The partnership allowed G2Xchange to scale up its development capabilities quickly and efficiently while maintaining quality standards and meeting customer needs.


Kirana Labs has helped us increase our development velocity by 10%–15% and made our services more reliable. They also consistently resolve incidents and issues quickly thanks to their straightforward processes and resource allocation abilities.

Daniel Lobaton

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