Kirana Labs partnered with UNEM's co-founders to revolutionize maintenance services for homes and offices in Mexico with a mobile app. The app enables users to easily schedule, track, and pay for services while empowering professionals to receive job requests and payments effortlessly. Led by experienced co-founders, our software development firm has created a seamless and efficient solution.



UNEM is a Mexican company that specializes in providing software solutions for maintenance and cleaning services for businesses and residential properties. Their product offers a wide range of services, including janitorial services, gardening, pest control, security, and general maintenance. UNEM’s goal is to ensure that their client’s properties are well-maintained, clean, and secure with the use of technology. Their platform is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of clients and maintenance professionals.


UNEM, a software platform in Mexico’s maintenance services industry, faced the challenge of bridging the gap between users seeking maintenance services and professionals offering their expertise. They recognized the need for a streamlined platform that would facilitate the scheduling, execution, and hiring of maintenance services for homes and offices. UNEM aimed to create an efficient marketplace where users could easily connect with reliable professionals and seamlessly manage their maintenance service needs.

The Solution

To address the challenge, Kirana Labs collaborated with UNEM to develop a cutting-edge mobile application. The platform revolutionized the way maintenance services were scheduled, executed, and hired in Mexico. The mobile app empowered end-users to select desired services, provide details, request quotes, track service progress, and make payments through the platform. Simultaneously, it enabled maintenance professionals to receive job requests, quote services, and receive payments directly into their bank accounts.

Through our partnership, we created a user-friendly interface that connected users and professionals in a transparent marketplace ecosystem. The platform leveraged advanced features such as real-time notifications, seamless communication channels, and integrated payment gateways to enhance the overall user experience. Additionally, we built a robust backend system that facilitated efficient job matching, streamlined workflows and ensured secure transactions.

With the implementation of the mobile application, UNEM successfully transformed the maintenance services landscape by providing a convenient and reliable platform for users and professionals. The marketplace model facilitated seamless connections, improved service delivery, and enhanced customer satisfaction. By leveraging technology and our expertise in software development, UNEM is revolutionizing how maintenance services are scheduled, executed, and hired in Mexico.


The level of expertise and detail they’ve shown is extraordinary.

Mariana Madrigal

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