Otto Distribution

Kirana Labs partnered with a plumbing and hardware company to implement Dynamics ERP and business intelligence tools to optimize the company's processes, get key market insights and enable data-driven decisions.



Otto Distribution has been a leader in importing and commercializing plumbing products into the Mexican market for more than 35 years. The company represents and supports plumbing and hardware brands committed to the development of new technologies, which seek to innovate and revolutionize the market.


The company faced limitations for analytics and process customization with its previous ERP system and needed an action plan to update its tools and technologies. The company also needed quick and accurate data from their client’s behavior to effectively communicate it with the sales representatives.

The Solution

Kirana Labs partnered with the company to become its continuous improvement partner and lead technological implementations in the organization. Kirana Labs created a detailed roadmap of solutions and a timeline to develop and integrate the new processes into de operation. An ERP migration to Dynamics and business intelligence implementations with Tableau have been some of the successful changes in the company.


They are an excellent partner to help us improve our company and grow.

Enrique Lacavex

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