Our team of software developers and engineers set out to create a Payment Orchestrator specifically tailored to the LatAm market. Kirana Labs launched a platform with unified APIs for credit & debit card, BNPL, cash, wallet and SPEI transactions.


Acerca de

Kaipay’s vision is to revolutionize the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. By working closely with various e-commerce platforms, we recognized an untapped opportunity to address the pain points and challenges faced by businesses in the Latin American market, hereby guiding our development efforts toward crafting a tailored solution that not only streamlines operations but also empowers businesses to grow.

El Desafío

E-commerce businesses in Latin America often grapple with the complexities of handling multiple payment processors, each with its unique set of APIs and technologies. This fragmentation not only leads to operational inefficiencies but also poses a substantial barrier to innovation and growth. Our challenge was to create a solution that would integrate multiple payment processors into a single, user-friendly interface while giving them the ability to customize and automate their checkout processes without requiring extensive technical expertise.

La Solución

Our team of software developers and engineers set out to create a Payment Orchestrator specifically tailored to the LatAm market. The primary objectives were:

  1. Unified APIs: We designed a single payment integration with unified APIs, allowing seamless connectivity with multiple payment processor providers. This eliminated the need for businesses to manage complex integrations individually.
  2. Adjacent Technologies: Recognizing the importance of an end-to-end solution, we incorporated adjacent technologies that complemented payment processing, such as fraud prevention, currency conversion, and reporting analytics.
  3. No-Code Web Platform: To empower businesses with varying technical backgrounds, we developed a no-code web platform. This platform enables customers to define, build, and launch personalized and automated checkout processes effortlessly. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, even individuals with no prior technical knowledge could design complex checkout flows.
  4. WordPress Plugin: In order to expand our solution’s reach and make it even more accessible, we created a WordPress plugin. This plugin seamlessly integrates our Payment Orchestrator into WordPress-powered ecommerce websites, broadening the scope of our market and making our solution available to a wider range of businesses.
  5. Smart Payment Retries: To reduce the probability of lost sales, we implemented a logic that intelligently retries failed payments. This feature ensures that potential sales are not lost due to temporary issues, such as declined credit cards or network connectivity problems.
  6. Dynamic Payment Options: To enhance the user experience, we implemented a dynamic checkout system that adapts payment options based on the user’s location. This feature ensures that customers are presented with the most relevant and preferred payment methods for their region, ultimately increasing conversion rates.


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