Delivering Great UX/UI

Designing and developing great UX/UI can be quite tricky; especially when there is a deadline. In Kirana Labs, we have work with different design and prototyping tools and development frameworks until we decided to use Figma and Angular. The combination of these two, allowed us to have a creative process without slowing development teams and delivering great value to our customers.

How did we achieve this? Figma is a very unique design and prototyping tool allowing real-time collaboration. Furthermore, it allows you to prototype and generates all the necessary code to make a developer’s life much easier. Prototyping comes in handy when presenting to our customers. They get a clear view of the software to develop and allow them to ask for changes before developing it. Figma, being a great collaboration tool, lets our designers work on the changes necessary even as the customer reviews it. By doing this, our development team can start working seamlessly.

Now let’s dive into Angular. Developed and maintained by Google, it’s a great framework for web applications. What our developers enjoy, is developing using its component base system. This way they can make reusable components throughout the project and even cross-project. We were able to achieve this by doing two things, sticking to a design system and creating an npm library with angular components.

Design systems allow design teams to create incredible consistent designs in short time. NPM libraries allow developers to deliver UX/UI fast, easily, and consistently. Moreover, we always want to deliver unique software to our customers. Using npm libraries and design systems does not compromise personalization. This is one of the main reasons we decided to use these tools.

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