Kirana Labs led a digital transformation project in collaboration with a plumbing company to improve operational efficiency by automating processes using data analytics and custom software development. Kirana Labs enhanced reporting and analysis for the commercial and purchasing departments and designed a mobile application for field sales teams that is connected to the client's ERP.



Miber has been manufacturing and commercializing plumbing products in the Mexican and Central American markets for more than 40 years. The company manages more than 1,000 finished goods SKUs and commercializes its products in several sales channels.


Manual work in Excel can be time-consuming and prone to errors, especially if the work involves repetitive tasks or a large volume of data. It can also be difficult to maintain and update Excel sheets, especially if multiple people are working on them or if the data is changing frequently. Miber had accumulated operation data in its ERP for more than 20 years and was only available for the IT department which created manual reports and then communicated them throughout the operation. The company wanted to evaluate technology alternatives to increase efficiency in the critical departments of its operation: sales and procurement.

The Solution

Kirana Labs led a business assessment to identify areas for improvement that could benefit most from digital transformation. This process involved one-to-one interviews with business leaders and operators as well as an order-to-cash value stream map. After the initial assessment was done Kirana Labs defined the scope of the project in collaboration with the company considering:

  • Evaluation of current technology
  • Availability of historical data
  • Team’s readiness and technological knowledge
  • Budget

Kirana Labs created ETL processes to data extract from a variety of sources, transform it into a format that is suitable for analysis and reporting, and load it into a business intelligence tool. KPIs, reports, and dashboards for the commercial and procurement departments were designed, implemented, and deployed in the operation. In addition, Kirana Labs created a mobile application for field sales teams to enable real-time data queries for clients, inventory, order status, and sales budget compliance. This app is also connected to the client’s ERP which enables sales representatives to enter new orders directly into the system.


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