Our Work

Get relevant insights from multiple data sets in real time, make data-based decisions, predict behaviours and discover new business opportunities. We enable organizations to consolidate data from different sources and use it as valuable information.


Bendo is the first social-selling marketplace available in the Mexican market and one of Mexico’s top 100 startups according to Forbes. Kirana Labs worked with the company’s co-founders to successfully launch the Play Store and App Store mobile apps.

Otto Distribution

Kirana Labs partnered with a plumbing and hardware company to implement Dynamics ERP and business intelligence tools to optimize the company’s processes, get key market insights and enable data-driven decisions.


As part of a quality control project for production lines in the automotive industry, Kirana Labs was hired to develop a user-focused solution according to the business requirements of a world-class manufacturer. Kirana Labs’ front-end and mobile development skills were key to ensuring great user experience and adoption in the client’s operation.

Imporey International

Kirana Labs built custom software to help a consumer product supplier manage inventories, track orders, monitor sales, and handle shipping and invoicing. They’ve connected the web app to the client’s ERP.