Mexico’s Top Developers Recognition

Clutch Recognizes Kirana Labs as one of the Leading Custom Software Development Companies in Mexico The new technologies available for companies today are outstanding! These new digital solutions have been instrumental in shaping a lot of successful companies today. This is also the reason why a lot of companies are migrating their business online. At […]

Business Intelligence 101

Information is the basis on which we make our decisions. Experience, facts, and data shape our day today. This is not something new, for thousands of years, the information at hand was studied in order to make better decisions. The Romans studied war and conquered continents, the Egyptians studied construction and built monuments. In modern […]

Delivering great UX/UI

Designing and developing great UX/UI can be quite tricky; especially when there is a deadline. In Kirana Labs, we have work with different design and prototyping tools and development frameworks until we decided to use Figma and Angular. The combination of these two, allowed us to have a creative process without slowing development teams and […]

Notion Team Management

COVID-19 has presented some major work challenges this year. Companies had to change the way they work to a remote schema. Employees had to find new ways of interacting and collaborating. In Kirana Labs, we already use Notion and found it to be the perfect tool to collaborate remotely. Due to the nature of our […]

Python for Back-End

Python is a top 5 programing language (StackOverflow survey) and it keeps growing. Furthermore, Python is the go-to programing language for Data Science, Machin Learning, and AI. This puts python at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. Moreover, Python has other use, as a web development language used in various frameworks such as Django, […]