Notion Team Management

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COVID-19 has presented some major work challenges this year. Companies had to change the way they work to a remote schema. Employees had to find new ways of interacting and collaborating. In Kirana Labs, we already use Notion and found it to be the perfect tool to collaborate remotely. Due to the nature of our business, remote work was always on our day. Either to communicate with clients or to collaborate with a teammate that worked from home.

Notion is a collaboration tool that sells as an “All in one workspace”. We found this to be true. It lets us collaborate on a series of issues with our team and interact with people outside the organization. From quotations, and sales management, to managing projects and drafting software documentation, Notions has it all. It lets us work seamlessly as a startup when employees have often more than one role inside the company.

Some of the uses we give Notion is, sales, project management, HHRR, among others. Notion allows our team to use a variety of tools such as Figma, GitHub, and document code with its native embedded functionality. To exemplify the use cases here are some examples:

Development Wiki

Tech leads are encouraged to write in a wiki of the technologies and methodologies we use in the company. This reduces future problems and onboarding. Employees have a reliable source of information on the specific technologies used in the company. (We will make this wiki public on due time)


Our job board is in Notion. Whenever we have an open vacancy, the link is shared through our hiring channels. Furthermore, position descriptions, goals, responsibilities, etc. are store in Notion.

Project Management

Keeping track of project requirements, customer meetings and keeping track of documentation documents are some of the core things we use Notion for. It’s a great tool so all the team is up to date with project process and advancement.

Notion has been a great tool for us, especially during the pandemic. We, as a team, will fully recommend it and believe it has great value. Moreover, Notion is working on an API that we are eager to put to work.